Bead work and More

Not just loomed bead work and Woodland moccasins...

but an occasional painting or drawing and sewing regalia.

-Czech size 13 Charlottes (cut beads) are used, size 13s because of the variety of color choices in this size.
-The bead work on the buckskin moccasins is done in an applique stitch or overlay stitch with two needles and most have size 9s (2 cut) beads. There are brighter color choices in size 9s and 12s and most dancers at powwows wear bright contrasting colors. Caddo and Delaware moccasins have velvet, ribbon and beads on the ears. Sac and Fox moccasins have fully beaded ears with ribbon on edges and then edge beaded.

Caddo dresses, ribbon shirts, Delaware skirts, and Straight Dance clothes:
-Caddo dresses, Caddo shirts and ribbon shirts are made with cotton fabric and have ribbon sewn on. Cotton fabric for dancing outdoors but will sew regalia with synthetic fabric. Straight dance clothes are made with rainbow selvedge broadcloth and 100% rayon ribbon work. Ribbon work shown is a family design.

Her beadwork can be purchased from the Jacobson House in Norman, Oklahoma, at the Red Earth Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK, and online at


Native American Bead Work Artist