Her beadwork can be purchased from the Jacobson House in Norman, Oklahoma, at the Red Earth Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK, and online at CoyotesGames.com

Was sah hun nahah !


As a bead work artist Yonavea Hawkins started out with making traditional Caddo dresses and moccasins for herself and Caddo shirts for her sons. When asked to participate in her first art market, she entered a pair of Delaware moccasins in the Beadwork competition at Red Earth and placed 2nd.

Since then she has won 1st or 2nd place with her Woodland (pucker toe) moccasins or loomed beaded belts in the Beadwork and Cultural categories at Red Earth, South Eastern Art Show and Market (SEASAM) and the Artesian Arts Festival. Whether doing loom work or two needle appliqué beadwork her beadwork designs are a combination of traditional and contemporary using cut beads.

Native American Bead Work Artist